Nominating Taminater to dHEDGE EcoDAO Council

This proposal is to nominate @Taminater to the dHEDGE Ecosystem DAO Council.

Taminater has been involved with dHEDGE for the past 8 months. He has been our lead Moderator and main “goto” person on discord. He has continually educated himself on everything related to dHEDGE and has always been readily available to help the community.

Over the past 3 months Taminater has involved himself further with EcoDAO.

Some of the involvements are as follows:

  • Transcribing Medium posts
  • Marketing campaigns via twitter
  • Coordination between core contributors, guardians, EcoDAO and community in product support/feedback
  • Updating Discord FAQ
  • Promotion of monthly community call
  • Ongoing feedback on the transition to further decentralization

I believe he would be an amazing asset to the EcoDAO!


I’m voting “Yes” for this for sure :slight_smile:

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I would love to have Taminater on board of EcoDAO Council.
my vote: yes

Always helping in discord also. It’s a Yes vote !:+1:

Thank you everyone!

Looking forward to driving the dHEDGE brand further!

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