Performance Mining V2

Performance Mining V2 is now live on dHEDGE Polygon

Current APY +9.18%

  • Earn up to 100 DHT per month with no vDHT staking requirement
  • For rewards over 100 DHT per month you need to have staked DHT according this formula: Max monthly rewards = vDHT/12

How Performance Mining Works

You get rewarded DHT when you invest in pools on the dHEDGE platform that have good performance. This is a way to incentivize participants, distribute DHT to the actual members of the dHEDGE ecosystem and to reward good performing managers.

Eligible pools are clearly marked with a mining symbol on the dHEDGE Leaderboard. Note that Managers that invest in their own pools are considered investors and can earn rewards like everyone else.

Rewards are distributed pro-rata based on the value of everyone’s investments. 5,000 DHT will be distributed daily to investors on the dHEDGE platform.

These rewards can be claimed every 4 weeks inline with the DHT staking rewards.