quadraziD - Contributor Proposal - Community manager / Marketing / Production - September, October


Hello, dHedge community & Councils!
This is my proposal for September & October.

Social media metrics

  1. Facebook
  • Followers: 169
  • Growth: 10%
  1. LinkedIn
  • Followers: 58
  • Growth: -15%
  1. Telegram group
  • Followers: 488
  • Growth: 150%
  • Increased engagement
  1. Telegram channel
  • Followers: 1097
  • Growth: 1000%
  • Views: 80-90% of total followers.

1. Total spends of past budget (lasted for 2 moths):

  • Telegram promo: 700$
  • Stickers: 100$
  • Facebook: 150$
  • Production: 150$
    Not relevant:
  • 200$ lost on network fees
  • 250$ saved in ETH
  • 450$ life bills & survaving :smiley:

Total: $2000

2. Content creation report

Developed character and sticker pack for telegram: Telegram: Add Sticker Set



Posts in telegram: Telegram: Contact @dhedgerus

Not much of new content. I decided to grow community first, before create original education content.

3. Translations, announcements, etc.

DHT Treasury https://bit.ly/30t5lJe
Bug bounty

All announcements were published here Telegram: Contact @dhedgerus

  1. Telegram promotion.

I tried to push our community on Facebook and came to face that it’s not effective for us right now.
So I started an telegram promotion for goup and channel. The methods I used are massive sending direct messages to target audience & relevant chats and inviting people.
The I received a burst result.
Here’s some statistics I’ve got.

My 2 custom links. More links have been created, but they don’t show up on my account


Telegram mass mailing.

Examples of messages




We see a rapid grow on screenshots due to mass mailing was completed in less than 4 hours.
All users are target audience and organic. I can prove it if needed.

Report: Loading Google Docs

12600+ messages are sent.

4. Plan for next month.

  1. Keep pushing telegram community.
  2. Educational content for new users.
  3. $50 contest for users. (new ideas for dHedge for ex.)
  4. Ref bot for telegram community.
    5~ Maybe one promotional video.

5. Compensation request.

1500 USDC + 500 DHT.

DHT I’ll use to show how platform works and invest in pools.
USDC will be used for further community development as depicted above.

Address (Polygon enabled)