quadraziD - Contributor proposal - content creation, assistant of product development - MAY to JULY

Hello, dHEDGE community & councils! This is my reward proposal from MAY to JULY.
I have already been notified about the reduction of the regional community managers. This is my last reward proposal as RU community manager for last 3 month (MAY, JUNE, JULY).

I would like to offer my candidacy for the role of a content creator for the English community and an assistant in product development, since I am well versed in our platform and can explain complex things to people in simple words.

  1. Moderation of RU community channel and RU news channel.
    Telegram: Contact @dhedgeru - 570 subs
    Telegram: Contact @dhedgerus - 1047 members
  2. Translations and announcements for community:
    Translated every announcement from official dHEDGE channels to let our community know about our updates. Telegram: Contact @dhedgerus
  3. Educational content creation. (Long-read analytical articles):
  1. Engaged in staking v2 development. Helping @Taminater find a ways how to implement & improve it. I suggested to add a Valeu bonus ratio. This will be a stimul for people to stake more DHT.

Created a simple model of Staking v2.0 rewards calculation:

That’s all I can remember so far :thinking:

Proposed reward:
May - 400 USDC

Total: 1490 USDC

ERC-20 Address (Polygon available):