quadraziD - Contributor proposal - content creation, moderation - JAN + FEB

Hello, dHEDGE community & councils! This is my reward proposal for Jan and Feb.

Here are some achievements:

  1. New pool from our community member - imhoneer. dHEDGE
    This pool is created by our active community member that have he’s own blog in telegram and bitcointalk.
    [IMHO] imhoneer investment fund - an interesting discussion about he’s pool on bitcointalk.
    it is a great honor for me that there are such people in our community.

  2. Moderation of RU community channel and RU news channel.
    Telegram: Contact @dhedgeru - 951 subs
    Telegram: Contact @dhedgerus - 1239 members

  3. Translations and announcements for community:
    Translated every announcement from official dHEDGE channels to let our community know about our updates. Telegram: Contact @dhedgerus

  4. Educational content creation.
    What is Polygon and how it works on dHEDGE? - Telegram: Contact @dhedgerus
    About banning cryptocurrencies in russia - Telegram: Contact @dhedgerus

Together with @Taminater we started a new expert opinion blog on ghost. Already created two long read articles with analysis.

Requested reward for Jan and Feb:
FEB - 700 USDC
Not included DHT in this proposal since I plan to withdraw it to fiat for further operations. this will less damage the liquidity of DHT.

Total 1400 USDC.
Wallet (Polygon available):

Thanks @quadraziD
Great to see the new content!