quadraziD - Contributor Proposal - Socian Media Manager/Content creator/ Advertising Manager - July

Hello, dHEDGE community!

Here’s my contribution proposal for July with a report of work done.
I’m manager of RU community. My specializations are: content creation, social media management, marketing and a bit of design.

Achieved goals at July:

Managing of 3 social media:


Content creation:

Educational article “How to not lose money with crypto” with dHEDGE promotion. - https://bit.ly/37tF6lX
Educational article “Forget about PAMM-accounts. Here’s how fiduciary management should work in modern day” with dHEDGE promotion - https://bit.ly/2VBq5MB

Original posts for social medias:


dHEDGE 2 ANN - https://medium.com/p/3b7238b219e4/edit

  • Small announcements mentioned above

Other activity

I created a suggestion about referral rewards for the platform. I depicted some principles and still in work with that. - [Suggestion] A referral program for pool managers - #3 by ermin

Plans for next month:

  • Write more educational + promotional articles
  • Buy press-releases at crypto websites
  • Add telegram channel to different telegram catalogs
  • Promote Facebook page
  • Advertise telegram channel
  • Start working on animated video production.
  • Working with designer to create a cartoon dHEDGE character as stickers and so on.

Proposal details:
1000 DHT + 1000 USDC

ERC-20 Address:

note: this will cover my spends for promotion + create a new ads budget for next month. As for DHT - I’m holding them. Maybe I’ll stake them for a few months or invest in pools. So the part I will use for my goals is USDC.


Thanks @quadraziD Keep it up.

Thanks @quadraziD, great that you’re showing initiative. Would appreciate if you could report back on deliverables. e.g. stickers were designed and deployed, ads / PR media was release (include link) and reached x amount of people out of which y number of them clicked. This is just an example, but in general would be great to see the result of your work in some basic form of report.

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Thanks for feedback! Sure, I’ll prepare a more detailed report for this month.