quadraziD - Contributor Proposal - Socian Media Manager/Content creator/ Advertising Manager - March

Hello, dHedge community! This is my proposal for March for you to be reviewed
Achived goals:
• Created plan and list with channels for advertising
• Completed Paid advertising in telegram channels
• Created dHedge group in LinkedIN & Facebook + Filled with original content.
• Created a channel for RU community in telegram + filled with content
• Translated ANNs articles + posting in social medias.
• Networking with traders on lindekIN (will promote them our platform)

I should improve in my work:
• Use a daily plan for work. Every day should be productive (posting, new ideas, new communications)
• Improve a reaction to the new updates from dHedge team.

My plan:
• Create my own blog in telegram where i will share my investment experience on dHEDGE.
• Continue develop ads plan
• Set up a daily purchase of advertising
• I found an artist who will create a special character for our project and implement it with new original stickers
• Hire 1-2 people that will help me (i will share my reward with them)

Requested compensation:
500 USDC + 500 DHT (~$2500)
$1000 will be invested directly on dHEDGE (and i will write about it on my blog)
$1000 will be a advertisement budget for the next month

Accumulated from the last reward: $1500

Links to track work:


Thank you!


Can confirm that Artem was really helpful and his contribution made an impact. I would vote for continuing collaboration with Artem. Although I would want to have detailed plan on marketing budget (1000$ + what’s left from February) for March.


I am in support of this proposal. I agree with @evegelin that a detailed plan for the advertisement budget would be helpful.