Request for Payment - Educational Grant Complete

Hey hedgehogs! :sweat_smile:

After being in close communication with Taminater via discord chat for the last few weeks,
I have finally completed the explainer video ‘DeFi Donut’ style, in which we agreed to create as an educational / marketing grant for dHEDGE.

I have posted it to my channel,
( ) , and also given Taminater a G Drive link with the file for dHEDGE to keep, use as you all please.

I have also tweeted it out to my audience
( )

Loved making the video, hope to work with dHEDGE again in the future.

I was told to publish this post along with the address / wallet where I wish to receive the payment.

Payment agreed on: $2,000 USDC

Wallet: 0x6ae03D1d3A9b161ec264C76AD73999EE25AbEC5a

You all can confirm with Taminater on discord!

Thanks, love what you all are building here.


Thanks @DeFiDonut
Great work!

Keep up your great content, looking forward to further videos.