Somaya - Contributor Proposal - Social Lead/Community Lead

Hello dHEDGE team,

I would like to express my interest towards an idea of becoming community contributor for dHEDGE. I have been in the crypto space since around 2016/2017. Entered the space as an Ethereum miner straight with 70 gpu, crazy idea for a newbie :slight_smile:. Since than never been a day without my crypto passion flame is burning, I am constantly in the space reading news, new projects, listening to podcasts, writing and trying to contribute to the space.

As a miner I learned a lot about how blockchains work, being exposed to different wallets and chains, using different applications and etc. In the 2017 mania I even started working full time for a crypto company for technical proof reading crypto related articles and support of big GPU/ASIC mining operation - 800GPUs and 100 ASICs.

Below are my articles I wrote when I was contributing for Ritocoin project.

My Twitter posts for dHEDGE below.

I tweet about dHEDGE almost everyday. My passion is crypto, defi, Ethereum, Bitcoin, decentralize and revolutionize finance to empower people around the world.

My idea for dHEDGE is to be a part time contributor in Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Medium, Youtube. I want to make educational videos, texts, tweets, medium articles on how to buy DHT, use platform, how to stake, how to invest in Dhedge manager etc. I am new to defi and would like to explore the world too :slight_smile:. My plan is if I have to develop and upgrade my room so youtube content with videos could evolve, all this specifically targeted on contribution on educating, analyzing price, manager performance, defi markets, trends, new ideas. I can start with articles, texts, tweets and further develop into video and podcasts.
I am open for conversations and how a plan could be started and further executed. My free time unfortunately is limited as I work full time technical support. I am free on the weekends and some hours 1-2hours during workdays. This is not stopping me of creating and contributing with content every day :slight_smile:

Professionally I have 7+ years of working as a technical support in different tech fields apart from my crypto passions.
I am also interested in trading and investing, not every day trading but reading charts, making long and mid term analysis.

dHedge contribution ideas:

dHEDGE wiki
dHEDHE How to videos? How to defi in dHEDGE environment?
dHEDGE news, announcements via Twitter, Medium
dHEDHE youtube
dHEDHE podcast

Memes, media, logos and video editing is not my biggest skill but I have an assistant which is ready to help me - my girflriend.

expected reward: 2000$ monthly
estimated time: 25hours weekly

Looking forward to hear from you. You can find me in:

Discord: somayacrypto

Yours Somaya!

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Hi Somaya,

Thank you very much for your in-depth contributor proposal and for sharing your relevant experience.

Although you seem more than qualified to help out with community management and content, the DAO is still in a position where the current contributors can handle the incoming workload.

As the community continues to grow (alongside the Twitter, Discord and Telegram channels) the council will then probably look to then onboard more community managers!

The council will update the community on Discord if any roles around community management/content pop up.

In the interim - if you have any specific one off content ideas, feel free to suggest them and perhaps the Dao can pay a bounty.

Thanks again :slight_smile: