Steven - Contributor Proposal - Marketing operations in China market - December

Hi, the dHEDGE community! Here is my proposal for marketing operations in China. The summary of activities operated in December are as follows:

A.Number of community members

  • Wechat group: 336(30↑)
  • Wechat official account:238
  • Weibo:1015

B. Content and social media platform

C. Community management

  • Share every article and post from dHEDGE Social accounts(Medium/Twitter) to Wechat group.

  • active moderating on WeChat group

  • Make sure a sound and healthy community atmosphere and environment.

  • Answering Dm’s/Question on Wechat group/Discord

D. Others

  • Community Cooperation Initiative
  • Lottery

Compensation Request

Content and social media platform– Blogs & tweets -800 USD in DHT

Community management – 800 USD in DHT

Others – 1400 USD in DHT

Total – 4200DHT(3000 USD in DHT+60 DHT)


Thanks Steven! Lets continue to get more engagement from the Chinese community! :slight_smile: