[Suggestion] A referral program for pool managers

Hello, dHedge community!
This topic is to describe & discuss a problem of inviting new manager to the platform. I think that not only me already thinking about it, but I’ll define how I see an implementation of it.

Community contributors have a chance to get a special type of reward from dHedge:
Bonus for attracted manager after his pool exceeds $25k of total investments— 800 USDC + 800 DHT.

The question is: how to prove & monitor which manager was invited by you?
Currently, we can only directly invite people while chatting with them. Then, if one of them created a pool, we can note his name and pool.

After we get a list with people who created a pool we can only wait before one of them reaches $25k. But how we can finally prove that manager of the pool was invited by you? Now it’s only we can text him and ask a question “were you invited by %name%?” which is a bit strange…

Solution: a referral system
A simple referral program can solve the problem of monitoring & proving invitations.

• New functions on the platform;
• More automatization;
• Scalability;
• A stimulation for attracting people;
• Everyone can participate;
• “Free” marketing for dHedge.

When we set up such a system and let people know that everyone can earn rewards, we’ll receive good feedback from the community and give them the motivation to create & spread original content. This will have a positive effect on the indicators and recognition of the platform.

Potential problems:
• Abusing — we should prevent reward abusing with multi-accs. One user can create a pool > invests on it with other accounts > claim a reward > close a pool > repeat.
• Appearance of many low-quality pools from random users that were attracted from promotion.

A simple scheme of implementation

So, we add a special page for it, names “My network”, where we can see all info:

  1. Our invitation code
  2. A field where we can enter someone’s code
  3. A list of invited managers and their pools status.

This is just a quick scheme, not well designed and not everything was showed here.

If you have something in mind about it, please write comments. Thanks for your attention!


Hey @quadraziD , this is really awesome, and think it can incentivize more trading volume and eyes to the platform

More recently, I have seen perp.finance start their referral program which seems to be well thought out. Perhaps a similar model will work for dHedge.

This can potentially also be used by both the managers and potentially a stream for external Youtube or CT Influencers.

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I think this is a good idea.
We technically already have referral code ability.

Just need to think about unit economics and how much $1 of investment is worth over say a 1 month period.
$1 invested in USDC has different value to $1 in a USDC/DAI Yield Farming pool. $1 in USDC that doesn’t trade or earn yield, doesn’t earn the protocol anything. So it feels like performance should be taken into account.

Need to make sure it’s not exploitable, as you mention eg. Referrer is also the Manager who invests $25k, collects the reward then pulls the funds out. So it seems like there should be some minimum period the funds should be invested for.