The democratic opposition discussion

Interesting conversation here. Personally I am less skeptical of the lack of communication. I know that in my own work there is a constant demand for updates, but sometimes there isn’t a whole lot to say, the work just takes time and effort.

That said, maybe there’s a potential roll for someone here to assemble a visualization of what progress is being made and act as a go between for the devs and the public. Do we have an archive of past community calls?

However, the last thing I want is another project that hypes itself every few days with meaningless announcements of announcements of “partnerships”. I’m more inclined to respect a team that under sells and over delivers.

The best case scenario is to find someone who excels at gathering the relevant developments and communicating them to the public in a concise and fun way. If that person isn’t already on the team then we should start looking for them

I agree that we don’t need no hype, but a weekly or 2-weekly update on what’s going on would be great. It also shows that the project is active from a development standpoint. The is great, but seems limited in features to be honest. And the devs need to interact with it of course, looking at its history.

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I think most people didn’t even know that.

My position is that Dao is not a family business, and DAO should resolve all global issues with its participants. Anything that tries to hide or disagrees is not trustworthy. It is easier than creating a company and conduct closed development.
Functions that will not be discussed in the whitepaper will be implemented in favor of personal gain.

It’s better to eat where they let you in the kitchen.

Firstly its great to see all this new participation in regards to governance and project direction. This is super important to continued growth!

Re community calls, these take place monthly. Here are the links to the last 2:

We also have a monthly newsletter:

As @Eli has pointed out, devs are busy building which takes time. Announcement of announcements never seem to go well!

I see the point on more updates are needed, maybe we can do a bi-weekly summary that would include:

*Highlights from the previous 2 weeks
*What is planned for the upcoming 2 weeks

Happy for further discussion.

A bi-weekly update would be nice to keep up-to-date what’s going on (new feature, bugfixes, blocking issues causing delays, …). A high overview :).

Good idea! In the works

The roadmap is now public here:

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I think the sushuswap integration is great as its linked to 5 chains. Looking forward to it! They apparently even implemented frontrunning preventions.

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