Tylor - Contributor Proposal - Marketing operation in Korean market - APR

Hi, community members. It’s Tylor from Blitz-Labs.

In this proposal, I will summarize the marketing activity in the Korean dHEDGE community in April.

A. Status of Korean Telegram Community

  • Main Activities

    1. Share & post every article/post from dHEDGE’s Social accounts
    2. 24h Management (12:00~20:00 Active management)
    3. Community feedback collection
  • Korean community status

    1. Total number of menbers - 934

    2. Major topics

      • Unreliable Project
      • Recommend Pool
      • Relationship with Synthetix
      • Number of dHEDGE Users
      • dHEDGE Update

B. Exposure Activities (dHEDGE in public Korean crypto groups)

  1. dHEDGE highlighted some notable dHEDGE pool performances [2k]
  2. Defi specialist influencer Kris kay recommends dHEDGE’S dUSD pool of elite Hedge funds [1.9k]
  3. dHEDGE, Moonlight will be updated [2.9k]
  4. dHEDGE released Moonlight Update [2k]
  5. dHEDGE hosted a Twitter space to commemorate the launch of Moonlight [1.9k]
  6. dHEDGE realeased Moonlight [1.6k]
  7. dHEDGE, add Toros tokens for administrators to trade with [1.9k]

C. Translation of dHEDGE blog posting

  1. dHEDGE realeased Moonlight

D. Insight on the current Korean market

  1. Domestic Law Bill News / Non-crypto Industry / Macro Trend
    With a hope for the deregulation of the country’s crypto industry, many public calls about P2E and cryptocurrency tax regulations were made. On April 19th, crypto-keen Yoon Suk-Yeol, who takes power early next month, promised a review to reverse the ban on token issuance in South Korea as part of his election manifesto. On April 28th, Yoon from People Power Party, who is also the head of the virtual asset special committee, presented his vision to establish ministry-level authority for the prosperity of the cryptocurrency industry.
    On a non-crypto-related note, the products of Music Cow - a music copyright investment platform where the investors can claim the divided right to receive the distribution of profits from the copyright of a specific sound source - are now classified as ‘securities’. This means that fragmented investments in virtual assets such as copyrights will be regulated by financial authorities. Many are still discussing whether NFTs classify as securities or even virtual assets, although many speculate NFTs are classified as securities due to their utility, including the entrance to DAO, etc.

  2. Korean Exchange / Cryptocurrency Company News
    At the end of this month, ‘GOPAX’ met the conditions of Korean regulators and has become the fifth official exchange in Korea to operate a “Won” market. Additionally, many analysts have speculated that a few more exchanges are expected to receive governmental approval to operate a “Won” market. With more competitors entering the cryptocurrency exchange market, the exchanges are now more likely to engage in fierce competition to attract more users. GOPAX has already hosted a marketing campaign where the users are exempt from paying fees for any maker/taker order. Upbit, the largest exchange in Korea, has officially launched the mobile version of its own NFT marketplace. Many crypto investors are expecting that the dynamic changes in the Korean exchange ecosystem will trigger an increase in cryptocurrency investment.

  3. Community Keywords
    The keyword of the Korean crypto community this month was “AAA quality P2E games.” Recently, various P2E games have drawn attention as more game guilds - mainly comprised of Korean crypto communities and crypto investors - have begun to enter the P2E industry. For instance, Big Time (an NFT-based multiplayer action RPG) recently launched an early beta service and subsequently received much attention from the Korean communities. However, the beta players realized that the product did not meet their expectations, especially in user experience and graphics, compared to the excessively expensive PASS price, which quickly deflated the hype of Big Time. Having gone through cases like Big Time several times, the demand for AAA quality P2E games quickly grew.
    Since March large-scale Korean gaming companies, such as Netmarble and Com2us, have entered the blockchain industries and presented they will also release P2E games. While some of the community members anticipate that the entry of large-scale companies could improve the quality of P2E games in general, others worry that, due to their cryptocurrency-oriented nature, P2E games are not sustainable.

E. Compensation Request

Moderator - 2 Moderators (24hr management) - 500 USDC + 300 DHT
Content Creation - 7 Posts - 350 USDC + 105 DHT
Translation - 2 Translations - 150 USDC + 50 DHT
Total 1,000 USDC + 455 DHT
Wallet Address : 0xf56A045f1d00bb76d84F4f5E1af09E3D63193F26