Tylor - Contributor Proposal - Marketing operation in Korean market - MAR

Hi, community members. It’s Tylor from Blitz-Labs.

In this proposal, I will summarize the marketing activity in the Korean dHEDGE community in March.

A. Status of Korean Telegram Community

  • Main Activities

    1. Share & post every article/post from dHEDGE’s Social accounts
    2. 24h Management (12:00 ~ 20:00 Active management)
    3. Community feedback collection
  • Korean community status

    1. Total number of members - 1,011

    2. Major topics

      • Lend/Borrow
      • SNX Debt Mirror’ price analysis
      • Investment manager
      • Recommend Polygon pool
      • Polygon unavailable in Binance

B. Exposure Activities (dHEDGE in public Korean crypto groups)

  1. dHedge Released New Aurora Version [3.2k]
  2. dHEDGE announced partnership with Banxa [1.8k]
  3. dHedge, Uniswap now intergrated on Optimisim [2.1k]
  4. dHedge, Uniswap now intergrated on Polygon [3.2k]
  5. dHEDGE announced partnership with Pegasus finance [2.7k]
  6. DCP-8: Beginning a LM Program for dUSD [2.7k]

C. Transslation of dHEDGE blog posting

  1. dHedge Released New Aurora Version
  2. DAO Treasury Management on dHEDGE

D. Insight on the current Korean market

  1. Domestic Law Bill News / Non-crypto Industry / Macro Trends
    Having been elected as the next South Korean president, crypto-f riendly Yoon Suk-yeol pledged to deregulate the country’s crypto industry. Some of the specific measures he proposed include raising the threshold for paying capital gains tax on earnings f rom Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to $40,000, allowing domestic coin issuance(ICO), enacting the Framework Act on Digital Assets, and so on. While Yoon’s embrace of cryptocurrency is a shift away f rom the previous government’s tightening regulation, the administration also highlighted that it will respond more strictly to illegal activities in the cryptocurrency market, such as market manipulation and cross-trading. Although P2E remains strongly prohibited in South Korea, a growing number of traditional gaming industries, including well-known Netmarble, Neowiz, and Com2us, have entered the world of P2E blockchain-based gaming. Com2us recently proceeded with IEO of its native token on FTX. Netmarble announced it will release a P2E launcher where wallet, DeFi services, token swaps, NFT marketplace, gaming clients are all supported. These gaming companies also revealed that they will release a P2E game to the global market. Korean users are banned f rom playing P2E games, due to regulations stating that monetizing gaming items (regardless of their forms) is strongly prohibited. While Yoon’s administration may bring some positive changes to the current P2E sector in South Korea, no notable changes have developed so far.

  2. Korean Exchange / Cryptocurrency Company News
    As previously announced, all Korean cryptocurrency exchanges including Upbit - one of the most f requently used Korean exchanges - have enforced the Travel Rule f rom March 25th. However, due to the slight differences in the rule enforcement among the exchanges, a growing number of Korean crypto-investors are complaining about the inconveniences. For example, Bithumb and Coinone announced the implementation of Whitelist on January 27th, restricting the users f rom transferring their assets to their personal wallets. On the other hand, Korbit allowed the users to transfer their assets directly to their personal wallets, under the circumstances that they passed the pre-registration process. Upbit allowed deposit and withdrawal of Metamask only to the accounts that have undergone the registration process, but cannot transfer assets to another person’s personal wallets.

  3. Community Keywords
    The two keywords that popped out the most among the Korean crypto communities were “Cosmos” and “Step’n”. While many Layer-1 networks have made different progress, Cosmos dramatically attracted the Korean retail investors’ attention with the concept, in which the users become eligible for airdrop of upcoming Cosmos-based projects when staking certain tokens to Cosmos validators. As people started to stake ATOM, OSMO, and other Cosmos-based tokens, people were naturally introduced to many projects in the Cosmos ecosystem and their newest updates. Some of the updates motivated people to participate, such as Osmosis and its ‘superfluid staking (a feature that allows liquidity providers to designate their LP tokens to the validators and earn staking rewards as well as a share of trading fees). Other updates have raised controversies among the community, such as Juno’s governance proposal #16, which suggested cutting the balance of JUNO tokens held by a whale accused of manipulating the Juno launch airdrop.

    A second trend within the Korean community was the success of “Step’n”. Step’n is a web3 application that asserts move-to-earn mechanisms, where a user is rewarded for literally moving outdoors. The fame of Step’n started in January and is still ongoing at the moment. Regardless of the actual moving time being less than 15 minutes, the move-to-earn mechanism left a strong impression among the Koreans. Among social platforms, the users are eagerly sharing tips on how to earn f rom Step’n. Additionally, some suggest that the well-balanced combination of GameFi and SocialFi has positioned Step’n into a true Web3.0 lifestyle application.

E. Compensation Request

Moderator - 2 Moderators (24hr management) - 500 USDC + 300 DHT
Contents Creation - 6 Posts - 300 USDC + 90 DHT
Translation - 2 Translations - 300 USDC + 100 DHT
Total 1,100 USDC + 490 DHT
Wallet Address : 0xf56A045f1d00bb76d84F4f5E1af09E3D63193F26