Tylor - Contributor Proposal - Marketing operations in Koream market - FEB

Hi, everyone. It’s Tylor from Blitz Labs.

In this proposal, I will summarize the activities that happened in the Korean dHEDGE community in February.

The contents of the proposal are as follows:

A. Status of Korean Telegram Community

B. Status of Exposure Activities (dHEDGE in public Korean crypto groups)

C. Insight on the current Korean market

D. Compensation Request

A. Status of Korean Telegram Community

  • Main Activities
    a. Share & post every article/post from dHEDGE’s Social accounts (Medium/Twitter)
    b. 24 hr Management (12:00 - 20:00 Active management)
    c. Community feedback collection

  • Korean community status
    a. Total number of members - 1,038
    (4.4% decreased comparing to last month)

    b. Major topics

    • Synthetix
    • Trading Competition
    • New announcement
    • Uniswap
    • Pool’s Performance

B. Status of Exposure Activities (dHEDGE in public Korean crypto groups)

  • Exposure activities
    1. dHEDGE started full supporting coinbase [2.9K]
    2. $DHT token is now on Optimism [4.3K]
    3. dHedge governance proposal suggesting about using Uniswap [2.3K]
    4. Trading fees for pools trading with kwenta on optimism now almost halved [4.0K]
    5. Managed Uniswap liquidity pool lanched [2.3K]
    6. DHedge is planning to update DAO Treasury Management [2.4K]

C. Insight on the current Korean market

  1. Domestic Law bill news
    Government regulations are growing stronger following the previous month. There are ongoing processes to ensure the smooth enactment of the “Income Tax Law”. There was a rising criticism that the taxation of income from virtual assets is not in accordance with the taxation of income from financial investments. In order to clearly define the legal properties of the taxation of digital assets, the Congressional Library incorporated references from the US, the EU, and India to publish a report on foreign legislative information. In addition, with the surge in growth of NFTs, which remains in a legal grey area, the Intellectual Property Office announced that it will directly investigate any possible legal transgressions that may arise from NFT minting and trading from this coming June. As it would be difficult to enforce with a single law, the government revealed its needs to go through a legislative discussion regarding this matter.

  2. Korean exchange news
    Following in the footsteps of Bitthumb and Coinone, Upbit - one of the frequently used Korean exchnges - revealed that it would enforce the Travel Rule starting March 25th. Once the Travel Rule comes into effect, Upbit will demand additional information on the sender and recipient for a single crypto transfer exceeding approximately $830, which will then be reported to local financial watchdogs. Upbit revealed that the overseas crypto exchanges and transfer to personal digital wallet will be prohibited until further disclosure from March 25th. On a lighter note, Gopax exchange leaked its updates on the partnership with Jeonbuk Bank - one of the Korean commercial banks - for the verification of its account holders’ real names. With its partnership, Gopax is finally eligible to register with the financial authorities in order to resume its Korean-won denominated cryptocurrency trading. Gopax still has to go through the registration process of the financial authorities to resume won-denominated trading, but if it ever comes to fruition, it would likely transform into a five-way competition among the other cryptocurrency exchanges - Upbit, Bitthumb, Coinone and Korbit

  3. Community news
    The biggest community keyword this month was the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Due to its heavy impact on the world economy, including the cryptocurrency market, Korean crypto-community members have been actively sharing new updates on the war situation. Besides the war, Klaytn-based NFT has been receiving community’s interests since last month. Klaytn is a public blockchain developed by internet giant Kakao Corp, which operates South Korea’s biggest messaging and social media service. Among many Klaytn-based NFT projects, the projects which Lee Doo-Hee (a well-known Korean computer programmer) was involved received the most attention. Some of the examples include “Syltare (a NFT-based P2E game project)” and “Metabumz (a NFT project)”.

D. Compensation Request
Moderator - 2 Moderators (24hr management) - 500 USDC + 300 DHT
Contents Creation - 6 Posts - 300 USDC + 90 DHT
Total 800 USDC + 390 DHT
Wallet Address : 0xf56A045f1d00bb76d84F4f5E1af09E3D63193F26