Which chain should dHEDGE (v2) move to next?

And why?

Options must be EVM compatible.

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Thanks for opening this @edson
For context, I feel that dHEDGE should be multichain, and this is just a question of which chain should be the next priority.

My feel is that Pure L2s (ie Ethereum Rollups) will continue to get better and pull users from Ethereum L1. This is a long term play. Currently Rollups are not incentivising users with native tokens (eg liquidity mining). Only sidechains are doing this currently. Therefore the current TVLs are skewed towards the ‘free money’ on sidechains. It’s likely that Rollups (Arbitrum & Optimism) will also release a native token and incentivise users in the future. This will bump Rollup usage significantly.

Arbitrum has almost $2bn TVL with no native token incentives (DefiLlama - DeFi Dashboard). This number is on the rise. Optimism is 10x less (but will surely get more adoption in the future with their new release).


My recommendation:
Since Huobi is the biggest centralized exchange for DHT token and DHT is supported on HT chain in this exchange. (Huobi ECO chain would be the next step). DHT withdrawal on HT Chain can make the use of DHT better on DHEDGE ECOSYSTEM and also on the supported DEFİ EXCHANGES.

The other next chain would be Binance Smart Chain (BSC Network) (PancakeSwap)

binance. Not so much for the chain, but for the amount of users on it.

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