Zerion-integration for pools?

Hello all,

on the feature-tracker, there was a reference for zerion.io. It was unknown to me untill now, but it seems really nice. It is a defi-portal for making investing in defi easy. It’s a decentralized/smart-contract based system from what I read. They also include defi-basket-coins (like piedao, …). They also have mobile apps.

I suppose it would be very interesting for dhedge to have their pools exported to zerion.io. All pools is maybe too much for them, but maybe the best performing pools according to the dhedge-criteria. Once a pool is in the zerion.io-app, it will stay in there. So, once a pool is best-performing, it would be published to zerion.io.
I would also like to add a vdht-requirement from the pool-manager here, as we want to be sure it will be actively managed for a long period.

These are some random ideas to publish the pools here through an easy-to-use investment portal with a seemingly quite wide userbase. Whatever we export, as we probably can’t export 100’s of pools, should be high-quality of course.

Maybe some other people have more knowledge about or experience with zerion.io and can comment here.


For now, Zapper.fi tracks dHEDGE pools, at least all V1 pools you’ve invested in.

I’m learning the whole time :). Looks nice, but zerion.io seems targeted more to the more casual user. Anyway, the more end-user apps linking to dhedge, the better, I would think.

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