DCP-10: Provide Optimism DHT Liquidity for Staking V2

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Author Edson Ayllon (@relativeread)
Created 2022-9-21
Status Draft


This proposal makes it easier to stake in Staking V2 (DFP-33), allowing users to purchase DHT on Optimism for Optimism staking, instead of purchasing and bridging. This also makes it possible to bridge from Polygon to Optimism.


The proposal requests the following:

  • $100k in DHT liquidity matched with $100k in USD or ETH for AMM
  • 2M DHT for a Polygon-Optimism bridge, 1M on Polygon, 1M on Optimism


Liquidity for Optimism swaps will initially be provided on Velodrome.

The Optimism-Polygon bridge will be Multichain.


Vote pending