DCP-3: Certik Audit with the latest version V2.7

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Author @lecky
Created 2021-08-27
Status Planned


The latest version V2.7 mainly include Aave and some Quickswap, 1inch integration. As the Aave logic is complex and with an Audit would increase the security and keep our protocol safe.


Certik Audit quotation is 10 business day with USDC $26k


Once vote passes USDC $26k would be sent from the DAO treasury to pay Certik for the audit report.


Vote passed

No much to comment.I totally support DCP-3.Audits are necessary to be done for increased safety and to establish trust to investors of this platform. I would make one step further and ask to collaborate with one more smart contract auditor and have a double check so to say!


Absolutely. We’re looking at locking in another top tier auditor