DMP-1: DMP Purpose and Guidelines

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Author Edson Ayllon (@relativeread)
Created 2021-8-4
Status Included


dHEDGE Meta Proposals (DMPs) are suggested changes to the governance process. The purpose of this category is to make governance self-correcting, and changes to the governance process transparent.

This DMP will specify the DMP process which will be used to create a transparent and formal governance process for dHEDGE DAO.

The governance process should be accessible and simple as to not gatekeep contributions, and transparent as to ensure confidence and trust in the process.


DCPs go through the following stages

  • Draft: Proposal made, but not voted on
  • Under Review: A vote is ongoing
  • Included: Passed vote
  • Rejected: Failed vote
  • Superseded: Proposal has been replaced by a new proposal

To be put to vote, a post must be made in As the proposal is made as a forum post, discussion may happen underneath the post.

The title of the DMP must start with DMP-X, where X is the DMP number (ie. DMP-1). The DMP number must increase in order (eg. a DMP posted after DMP-1 must be named DMP-2).

Under the title should be the header. Header fields include:

  • Author: Author of the proposal
  • Created: Creation date in YYYY-MM-DD
  • Status: Statuses include - Draft, Under Review, Included, Rejected, Superseded

The DCP must contain the following sections:

  • Motivation - The reason for making this change
  • Description - A description of what the change is

Once the post is created in this format, it can be put up to vote. The vote must link back to the DMP, and the DMP back to the vote. The voting period must be 2 days minimum.

DMPs are immutable. Once a DMP receives a passing or failing vote, the contents of the DMP are considered final or frozen. To make changes to a DMP at this state, a new DMP must be created that supersedes the original.


Vote passed.


Strongly support this genesis DMP, I believe it could be an important step toward the decentralization of dHEDGE protocol. Having to go through DMP submissions and discussions is effectively the right amount of scrutiny that dHEDGE DAO should apply.

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I find the 2 days minimum a very short period of time that could introduce many problems in future. Many could miss out DMPs or not have enough time to evaluate properly the proposals…

Not enough time to trigger quality conversations on forum…

Ideally, conversations happen before there’s a vote, as the vote is to reject or include the whole thing. The 2 day period is just voting.

A timeline for the forum-post is also a good idea. I would say a minimum of 1 week for the dmp-discussion on the forum, before an official vote is setup for it.
If someone indicates in the discussion that 1 week if not enough, an extra week should be added.