DMP-3: DCP Purpose and Guidelines

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Author Edson Ayllon (@relativeread)
Created 2021-8-4
Status Completed


dHEDGE Capital Proposals (DCPs) are how token holders decide how large capital allocations are made. Examples include rebalancing and distribution of fees collected by the protocol and capital allocations to the Eco DAO.


DCPs go through the following stages

  • Draft: Proposal made, but not voted on
  • Under Review: A vote is ongoing
  • Planned: Passed vote
  • Rejected: Failed vote
  • Completed: Capital has been deployed

To be put to vote, a post must be made in The title of the DFP must start with DCP-X, where X is the DCP number (ie. DCP-1). The DFP number must increase in order (eg. a DCP posted after DCP-1 must be named DCP-2).

Under the title should be the header. Header fields include:

  • Author: Author of the proposal
  • Created: Creation date in YYYY-MM-DD format
  • Status: Statuses include - Draft, Under Review, Planned, Completed, Rejected

The DCP must contain the following sections:

  • Motivation - The reason for allocating capital
  • Description - What the capital allocation is
  • Implementation - How this capital will be moved

Once the post is created in this format, it can be put up to vote. The vote must link back to the DCP, and the DCP back to the vote. The voting period must be 2 days minimum.

Discussion to DCPs happens under the same forum post of the DCP.

After a DCP passes the vote, it may be implemented. The transactions involving the DCP may be posted as a comment in the DCP.


Vote passed.


Strongly support this

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indeed. Needs to be formalized now. I’ll rewrite my proposal in this style already.

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It would also be nice to have a clear overview of the current state each time. Earlier on there was some discussion about this and the info is out there. It’s just no so easy to find and that complicates some stuff. This proposal will allow dhedhe dao to track allocations.