Review of EcoDAO councilors' monthly rewards

Hi esteemed dHEDGE DAO community, I’d like to propose a review to the councilor’s reward rate and structure.

The rational is: adjust the councilors’ monthly reward while considering TVL + avoiding increase the DHT emission rate.

At the time of establishment of the dHEDGE EcoDAO, the individual councilor reward was proposed as 666 DHT per month. At the time, DHT was trading at above DHT:USDC 2.4 .
Given the present market conditions where DHT:USD ~ 1.1$ , current councilors reward in fiat terms is significantly reduced.

I suggest reviewing the reward structure to include additional 666 DTOP per month and by that making it: 666 DHT + 666 DTOP per councilor per month and review this structure again by end of Q3.

Once a final councilors’ reward structure is agreed on the forum we’ll submit it to a dHEDGE DAOSnapshot vote.

Feedback about this initiative is welcome.


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Thanks for the proposal @exponent.

I agree that this is a great way to adequately reward councilors contributions without increasing the DHT emissions.

Using dTOP as a reward is a great example to the wider community on exactly how valuable the asset is.

I look forward to further discussion.

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DHT is a volatile asset and it could likely be 5X in 2 months so it is not optimal as a monthly wage solution. A stable coin would be optimal OR … dTOP. Why not only dTOP?


You’re right, the volatility of DHT is anticipated, the intention to reward councilors and some contributors with volatile assets rather then looking at it as a fixed wage as in fiat terms wages.

Reviewing it periodically seems reasonable in that respect and changing the reward composition to include DTOP comes from the rational of reducing downside risks.

Perhaps one option to consider in the snapshot vote we’ll submit is to change the councilors’ reward to be 100% DTOP.

I’d say the reasonable options so far are:

  1. Leave the councilors’ reward unchanged (666 DHT)
  2. Reward an extra 666 DTOP (666 DHT + 666 DTOP)
  3. Propose a figure in DTOP terms and reward 100% of the councilors’ reward in DTOP.

What do you think should be a reasonable figure in DTOP terms in that case?

999 dTOP would be a good start

Feel free to cast your vote :